Our Company

At EnBiologics, we are dedicated to advancing Health and Veterinary Care markets. We strive to create high-quality, innovative care products in order to serve people and the animals they care for. EnBiologics applies knowledge of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering to create more effective wound care products. Our flagship product, HoneyCure, was specially formulated to create a one-of-a-kind, all-natural hydrogel wound treatment.


Mission Statement

EnBiologics is devoted to promoting better natural Veterinary care by introducing more effective, safer-to-use wound care products.

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Ramy Habib

Is a Biomedical engineer that comes from a robust background in medical devices & natural healthcare. Growing up in Egypt, he was familiar with using honey as a medicine, which helped spark the innovative product, HoneyCure. As a compassionate Biomedical Engineer, he is able to promote better Health & Vet care.

Sean Carroll

 A young entrepreneur with a great drive and passion to invent and develop novel therapies in Health & Veterinary care. Sean holds knowledge in the fields of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. An avid researcher, he strives to bring his ideas and experience as real world applications.